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So I read in someone's journal that Berkley college has been posting full length lectures on youtube. This I had to check out, which I did at: http://youtube.com/ucberkeley

Sure enough, they have over 300 hours of real class lectures, all labeled by class title and lecture number. How sweet would that have been, or still be (for you current gusties), especially if you happen to miss a class for whatever completely legit reason there always is?

Needless to say, I was soon temped to youtube Gustavus. The result was a half an hour of shameless entertainment. There were no class lectures posted, but I did find something that brings back a really great memory from freshman year, or was it sophomore? Doesn't matter, it was the talk of campus the rest of the week! Good 'ol Matt Swenson.

Among other videos you can find time lapse videos of the corpse flower, building of the new stadium, a hilarious yet disturbingly scandalous class video in lieu of 1997's 10 year class reunion this October. I should also mention there is an awesome video of Ms. Donna Van Damme from the drag show last year. It always has to get really good the year after one graduates doesn't it?

Anyway, if you're bored, can't sleep (like me last night) or are just procrastinating from all the papers, readings and studying...check it out! :)
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