PrairieFlower4 (prairieflower4) wrote in gustavus,

art at gustavus?

Does anyone know anything about the art departments at Gustavus?
I'm an art history major transferring to either Gustavus or Luther. At Gustavus I can do the double major in history and studio, which is cool, but it doesn't seem like they offer much in graphic design, and I'm thinking of doing art directing for a career if I don't go into museum/gallery stuff.
At Luther, on the other hand, studio and history are rolled into one general BA degree.
Any thoughts on transferring to Gustavus in general?
I love it there, so hopefully everything works out!

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I went to Gustavus and had friends at Luther. The Gustavus art department, for history and studio, is fantastic. I dabbled in ceramics, figure drawing, watercolor, and also worked in the department, so I had exposure to many of the professors there. I think one big plus for Gustavus is the location-being close to the twin cities is verrrry handy. You'll make it to lots more things like art openings, big shows, and be near a bigger job market when you graduate. I had a great experience there and highly recommend the school. It'd be tougher as a transfer, but that's true anywhere.

I'm sorry you didn't get more feedback, I'm sure you've made your decision by now and all, but I just thought I'd pipe in to give you a little more feedback from a non visual arts major perspective :)

SIDENOTE: I have really abandoned my journal lately so if I had seen this I would have commented earlier.

Anyway, I am not extra familiar with the visual arts program here, however I have worked in the museum for four years now and each year the senior studio art majors get selected works of art to be displayed for the last three weeks of classes. I've seen some very impressive things come out of the department over the years! There are also a couple of students each year that have media art presented. There doesn't seem to be this year, but I've seen interactive videos, computer graphics art and i'm sure more that has slipped my mind. I also know that in the vickner/confer building we have a macintosh lab that is reserved, I believe, for graphic arts classes? I could be wrong. I'm not sure how strong the department is graphics wise, but I know there has been some really awesome media art created since I've been here.

Overall I think we have a great arts program. I personally have taken an art history course here, simply because I love art history, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class as well as the professor! Linnea Wren is who I had, I'd recommend her if you're comming here ;)

Gustavus as a whole is definitely something I'd endorse!! Although I am *more* than ready to walk down the isle at commencement in a couple weeks, it will also be very sad because of all the great memories this place has given me. I personally don't think you could choose a better school ;)