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I don't know how many current Gusties read this but I thought I'd give this a shot anyway...

I work at GAC and I was thinking of proposing a small class/independent study, possibly for J-term, of Manderin Chinese. I would really like the chance to teach a full Chinese class, but I would like to start off small. So I was thinking maybe "An Introduction of Chinese in a Cultural Context" that way I could teach the basics of the language but mix some Chinese cultural studies into it to fill it out and make it more fun and less stressful (Chinese is a very hard language to learn, so I'd use the cultural stuff to help pace the class)

Does this sound like something that there may be interest in at Gustavus? I'd love to get some enthusiasm from students before I brought the idea to my boss. Thanks!
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It's extremely important to start up interest in Mandarin Chinese. Cities like Chicago are starting to realise it should be taught on the elementary level as China will have such a heavy effect on the world from the cultural to the business level. I've tried to see if the company I work for would develop an elementary language program for it as we've done for French and Spanish...all to no avail. This despite the fact that we publish most of our materials over there.

And, ack, sorry...I'm a past student of many years ago. Yet this is a great idea and I sincerely hope it gets added to the J-term schedule. Good luck!
I agree totally. I actually are planning to propose the administration or some entity to add manderin. I am chinese myself and i would like to learn my language. Besides having a personal motivation, globally, it is important to learn chinses. I think newsweek had an article that predicts China to overtake U.S. economically in 2045 (?), and that highlights the increasing importance not only economically, but politically to learn manderin.

ps i am class of 09
I also am, just recently, past the enrollment stages of my Gustavus career, but I would definitely say go for this proposal to the administration. As both commentors have already pointed out, China, their language and culture, are going to be an integral part of our society over the next generation.

Good luck with this exciting opportunity, and please post any updates here if you choose to go through with the proposal!