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i just joined the other day and thought i'd say hi. my brother is at gustavus now and i'm going to be a freshman next year. so i was wondering what dorm you guys would suggest. i think that's about it. bye.
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Well first off, you've made a good choice. A very good choice. I did Co-ed (er, Norelius) last year and I had a very good time. But I don't think you can really go wrong with Pittman or Gibbs. But a big recommendation for Co-ed Norelius.

BTW...I was looking at your user information and I see that you're a runner...are you going to be running with us next fall?
i brother, his fiancè and parents keep telling me i should. i dont know about the length of the race though, but i probably will in the end. i just have to start running again...

as for the dorms, gibbs isn't a choice. its norelius, pittman, or sohre. i may go with norelius just cuz im kind of familiar with since since my brother lived there, though the other two have sinks in each room. thanks the advice, i'll keep it in mind when i make my final decision.
I'm definitely going to urge you on cross-country...the team is absolutely wonderful (and it looks like for our pre-season training we're going out west to do some running either in Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons or the Black Hills).

Sohre and Pittman have the exact same layouts (though Sohre will have its top-two floors occupied by upperclassmen who wish to live in singles). But you can't go wrong wherever you go.
i'd recommend co-ed also!
i loved how it was arranged with the sections, so i feel like it might be difficult to get to know know everyone on your floor in sohre or pittman. but it might be different living there for your first year when ppl don't already have established friendships. the sinks are certainly nice!
I say go for Pittman, I loved living there last year, I found a great group of friends there and I loved having a sink in my room. It will be hard to not have one in my room next year.
I've got to throw my two cents in here as well. Norelius may have a wee bit smaller of rooms...and no sinks, but it is practically impossible not to meet a ton of people there and have an absolute blast. I lived in Sohre last year and Norelius the year a freshman Norelius is defnitely the best! Good Luck with your decision and maybe I'll see you in the fall at orientation...I'm one of the nortorious gustie greeters ;)
Co-ed/Norelisus was TONS of fun freshman year...A little less studying then I would have liked but I think that happens to all Freshman. I really enjoyed having the "section" (livingroom) in the middle. It gave everyone a place to congregate and meet eachother. Plus it's obviously full of other freshman so you feel less weird about just randomly introducing yourself and stuff. I made friends in the laundry room when people didn't know how to do their laundry!

Another tip: DON'T rank substance free (ie no smooking or drinking) unless you really are and/or have intentions of staying that way all year. If you get caught you will get kicked out which happened to people I know. If you rank it all (especially guys) you most like likely will be put there. Don't even give it a number at all. To be honest even if you are sub-free I'd reccomend not living there. Unfortunatly you can get get stereotyped for living there which gets annoying. I guess the decision is up to you but I got sick of hearing "oh you live in sub free" for the entire school year. I guess the decision is up to and how much you are trying to even stay away from anyone else who's drinking.
Sohre is the same thing as Pittman, so if you're ok with Pittman you're ok with Sohre.
I have to say that Gibbs is what I would suggest, but unfortunately it is going to be sophomores there next year. I am living there right now and absolutely loving it. It is nice to have windows that allow you to look over the entire town of St. Peter. It is very nice very from third floor. But if you really want to meet a lot of people, the best place would be co-ed. It does have it's downside of having some strick CFs and Safety and Security living in that building, but it is a lot of fun in that building.
I would have to say to go with pitman or sohre as well. I loved only having to share a sink with one other person instead of a whole floor.